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Performance Services

Let’s Work Together


One on One Performance Coaching

Every athlete's journey to peak performance is different so every program will be tailored to the needs and goals of each individual.  Through mindfulness and mental training, athletes will develop the tools needed to thrive in their sport.

Group Workshops

Team Building--Leadership Training

In a competitive environment, any advantage can make a difference.  Providing your team with the proper tools and perspective can get them over the hump or to another level.



Mental Performance Ambassadors

Performance clients will be matched up with a collegiate or professional athlete to talk about experiences, ask questions, and build communication skills.

As a long-time college coach, I valued the student-athletes immensely.  Creating a NIL opportunity is one way I can continue to give back to them.  The ambassador program will allow me to compensate them and also provide an experience where both the clients and ambassadors can grow and learn. 

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