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  • What does the schedule of a performance coaching program look like?
    Introductory Meeting (1HR) Biweekly Meetings Weekly Check-Ins (Text or Email) Monthly Mentor Meeting with NCAA/Pro Athlete Practice and Competition Observations by Performance Coach Performance Survey On Call Resource (During Business Hours 8-5)
  • Other than the performance coaching aspect, what other benefits are there for clients?
    Most of the focus will be on the mental aspects of sport, but volleyball athletes can also get skill feedback. Also, if it is a goal of the athlete to play collegiately, guidance with the recruiting process can be provided.
  • What is a performance survey?
    The performance survey is a form that is filled out by the athlete before a practice or tournament. It gives the performance coach feed back on important factors that contribute to peak performance such as sleep, nutrition, and emotional state. The survey is also a way to create accountability and form good habits.
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