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I read this passage in a book titled 101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think:

Fear doesn't mean a desire to escape. It means you're interested. The emotion most associated with fear is interest. Believe it or not. It's even been said that fear has two invisible faces: one that wants to flee and the other that wants to investigate. This is to say, nothing is generally "scary" to us unless some part of us also wants to understand it, knows we are a part of it and feels as though it will become part of our experience.

The last six months have been me living in this emotional state. I left a great position at Stanford working with wonderful student-athletes in an attempt to start my own business (but more importantly open up more time for my family) and instantly was smacked in the face with fear and anxiety. These blogs are kind of a microcosm of what I have been feeling.

Every time I write a blog, I hover over the “Publish” button for what seems like a lengthy amount of time. Is this an important topic? Will people find value in my words? Will people think I’m dumb? What do I know? Did I write something offensive? Wow, Daniel, get off your high horse and stop preaching this nonsense! Am I right? Am I wrong?

These are all questions that run through my head before I do or don’t put out my thoughts into the universe. Even as I write this I am thinking that people will think that I am fishing for validation. So what is the reason I am writing this and other blogs?

  1. I am fearful but I am more interested. Interested in improving my thought process and writing.

  2. I push the athletes I work with to be vulnerable so I am trying to walk my talk.

  3. I hope that one person will read this and lean into a fear they are facing.

This is me being fearful. This is how I think and see life based on the experiences I’ve had. I’ve had some magical experiences and want others to have them too. I am okay if I’m wrong but would love to learn to be right.

Thank you for taking this journey into my mind. I appreciate your time.

Much love!

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